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the first-ever – first annual Catskills, Hudson Valley, NY 2012


reviving comedy in the historic Catskills, and inviting wine lovers.

About PopaCork Wine & Comedy Festival:

The First Annual PopACork Wine and Comedy Festival will bring together the best wines, spirits, foods and the finest comedians for three days of fun in historic Hudson Valley, New York.

Hop on a wine bus, sip fabulous wines from your favorite vintners, sample gourmet food, watch the best comedy, take a wine & comedy seminar, pick the best cupcakes, and comics, attend the Gala Toast Awards, choose the Merriest Wife in the World and more all at a festival unlike any other.PopACork Wine & Comedy Festival

The year-long Merriest Wife in the World live and internet talent search culminates at the inaugural three-day PopACork Wine and Comedy Festival event in Fall 2012. Featuring a wide variety of unique comedy shows, wine and spirit tastings, seminars, outings, galas, gourmet food and more; the festival will be held in what was once considered the Borscht Belt of Comedy, in the scenic Catskills, Hudson Valley, NY. The events will revitalize comedy in the Catskills, the town itself, while showcasing some of the top wines, chefs, bakers and of course, comedians. PopaCork Wine and Comedy Festival also marks the beginning of some unique events and the First Annual Toast Awards.

The Hotel Venue

The hotel venue is one of the once famed comedy venues of the Catskills, renovated to its grandure with many amenities and outdoor attractions, which prompted comedy golf outings, and tennis tournament. Shuttle buses are available to take guest to Festival Venues located in town.

The Town Venues

A renovated vaudevillian theatre is the central main stage, while surrounding storefronts and stages welcome comedians and wine vendors to take over a couple of blocks in town. Shuttle buses will escort hotel guests while the local taxi company will also participate in safely transporting guests to and from the festival venues.

About the Town

Situated in the historic Catskill Mountains, part of the Hudson Valley, the town and the surrounding areas are beautiful, have mountain climbing, trails, zip lines, hang gliding, glider plane lessons, horseback riding, and many more adventurous activities, which attract those of you who want more than wine and comedy.



The PopACork Wine and Comedy Festival is produced by Hudson Valley Wine Magazine, The Comic Bible Magazine and the Merry Wives of Comedy.

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